Water Shoe Sewing Pattern - big kids - adults

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The watershoe pattern includes sizes 3 big kid-11 adult (9yrs-99yrs) 

Size 3 Big kids 8 1/3" 
Size 4 Big kids 8 2/3" 
Size 5 Youth/women's 9"
Size 6 Youth/women's 9 1/3"
Size 7 Youth/women's 9 1/2"
Size 8 Women's 9 2/3"   (mens 7)
Size 9 Women's 10"    (mens 8)
Size 10 Women's 10 1/3"    (mens 9)
Size 11 Women's 10 1/2" (mens 10)

Material needed to complete this pattern:

  • Lycra or 4way stretch material
  • Ultrasuede or other durable equivalent 
  • Toughtek for sole
  • 1/4” soft stretch elastic 
  • 4mm craft foam works best to line sole. Or 2 layers of 2mm craft foam. If your machine cannot handle this thickness, make 2 foam soles and cut second down 1/3” and place it between layers. 

This pattern is for a confident sewer, but the video instructions could help in guiding a beginner by seeing exactly how it's done. Remember, practice makes perfect! 

Materials needed for this pattern:
Base material: Lycra or swim material
Toe/heel: Ultrasuede or alternative durable material like ripstop
Sole: Toughtek or alternative sewable rubber coated fabric
Inner sole: Foam 
Elastic:  Flat braided, soft stretch and 1/4"

*This is not a physical product - This is a paper pattern to make your own shoes*
All PB&J patterns are designed by Jade Barr. Patterns are not to be sold, shared or redistributed. For business use, please credit PB&J as the designer <3