My Story

Jady Babys was started by accident... lets just call it a happy accident :)
The Jade Barr story
I was born in Langley, BC and raised in Sarnia, ON. 
I have 3 beautiful kids and a loving, supportive husband.
Since I was a wee girl, I have always loved fashion and design. I wanted to be a "fashion girl" or "fashion model". I would make dresses out of bedding (never cutting or sewing ofcourse, otherwise mom wouldn't have been happy). I started sewing around the age of 11, cutting up my old clothing to make new clothing, bags, and stuffed animals. I bought my own machine for $30 which I had for about 8 years. I took fashion and design for 2 years in highschool. I had a strong dislike for patterns. I loved being able to create unique things, and from then on drafted all my own designs. I did a few sewing projects for friends and made a prom dress from scratch for a girl on Kijiji<<--never again, so please don't ask ;)
As you can see, I have always had a natural desire to design and be creative. Now comes the story of how this all started...

The Jady Babys story
My husband and I were expecting our first child so naturally, out came the good ol' sewing machine. I started sewing dresses and blankets and...shoes. Being a first time mom, with no babies in my life I had no idea fabric/soft sole shoes even existed. After posting all the things I had made for baby to be to my personal facebook I was contacted by another mom in Oregon, US. She wanted to buy the boots (what is now called the original boot) for her baby! My hubby is in the trades and work was very slow, so I jumped on the opportunity to contribute to our income (it was only $15 but hey, I took it haha). With $0 and 0 experince Jady Babys was built into what it is today and the rest is history. I started redesigning the original pattern and testing out materials. I learned the hard way that babies all vary in size, that they do not keep shoes on their feet, and that they wear through everything! Over the period of 3 years I redesigned the pattern several times, and over the period of 4.5 years I finally feel like the product is complete in design and in durability of materials. 
5 years of hard work, long days, long nights, blood, sweat and tears and here we are :D

I truly hope that you come to love and appreciate our boots as much as our family has loved them <3 

Be unique, be you.

<3 Jade Barr