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Watercolour Dino - preorder

-Shipping 1-3 weeks.

-Custom requests available for this print: 
Faux suede colour: Opal, pink ribbon, hot pink, amethyst, sunset, orchid, fuchsia, violet

-Lining: Faux fleece or twill (spring/summer)

Sole: Faux fur or foam

Leave requests in notes to seller.


Perfection from the top to the bottom!
A truly unique design with a wrap around velcro closure and an elastic placed around the ankle, our boots are guaranteed to stay on. Made with love, vegan materials, designer prints and a comfy design, these boots will easily become yours and your childs favourite boot. 

And if that's not enough, Jady Babys are easy to care for and can be washed and dried with the rest of your little ones laundry.

Size 1 = 3 1/3"...Preemie (No suede) 
Size 2 = 3 2/3"...NB-3m (No suede) 
Size 3 = 4"...3-6m
Size 4 = 4 1/3"...6-9m
Size 5 = 4 2/3" ...9-12m
Size 6 = 5"...12-18m
Size 7 = 5 1/3"...18m-2yrs
Size 8 = 5 2/3"...2-2.5
Size 9 = 6"...3yrs
Size 10 = 6 1/3"...3.5yrs
Size 11 = 6 2/3"...4.5yrs
Size 12 = 7"...5yrs
Size 13 = 7 1/3"...6yrs
Size 1 = 7 2/3"...7yrs
Size 2 = 8"

Designer cotton 100% - faux fleece 100% polyester 

Silver may fade with excessive washing and drying. Air dry to preserve silver. 

Prints may vary from boot to boot, no two boots are identical.